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The world’s first motion tracking and movement analytics engine built specifically for children

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Movement Engine Built for Kids

MoveAhead is the world’s first motion tracking and movement analytics software built specifically for children with 1) Children’s movement data and 2) Children’s movement learning science.

At its core, MoveAhead takes a privacy by design approach making it entirely GDPR and COPPA compliant for kids.

15 years of World Leading Research

MoveAhead brings to the table 15 years of world leading research in children’s movement science, development and analytics.

This is combined with the world’s largest data set in the world of children’s movement skills making it the only motion tracking movement analytics platform that is entirely safe, accurate, and educational for kids.

SDK & API to Power Experiences

MoveAhead’s SDK and API empowers world leading brands and studios to embed movement, physical activity and physical development into games, apps and experiences for children and families.

With an extensive movement and sports library to choose from, MoveAhead enables physical play and development in children’s increasingly digital world.

What we do

MoveAhead connects the best of physical play, and skill acquisition with innovative digital experiences for children and families.

How it works

Runs on any device with a camera. Puts children’s movement and sports skills in the game and personalises play to meet users at their level. Rewards users for performance and development. Provides rich movement feedback that companies, parents and children love.


MoveAhead’s software is licensed by our clients to power digital games, apps and connected products as well as AR, XR and metaverse experiences.

Trusted by the world's leading brands
to deliver custom solutions

Key Features

Rich analytics and insights to engage, retain and develop.
Personalise the play experience for all children.
Choose your delivery option depending on your use case.
Easy Integration
Easy integration with Unity. Runs on any device with a camera

“MoveAhead is tackling the ticking inactivity timebomb
by meeting children where they are
– on their phones or tablets –
and powering digital experiences that
‘move’ them across
digital games, play, toys, sport and entertainment”

Dr. Johann Issartel, CEO of MoveAhead

Why we need to 'MoveAhead'

Sedentary Screentime:
Modern children prefer the PlayStation to the playground and average 6 hours of screentime daily
Poor Physical Skills:
Sedentary play has replaced physical play for most modern children. The majority of children are now unable to hop, skip, throw or even kick a ball properly.
Limited ‘Active Ingredients’:
Best selling interactive content e.g. Pokemon-Go, Cocomelon, Fortnite (victory dances) have ‘active ingredients’, but companies are limited in the ‘step change’ movement functionalities they can offer children.
Children Are Not Mini Adults:
Motion tracking solutions that are built on adult’s data and adult’s science, are neither safe, accurate, educational or fun for children.

Our team

MoveAhead is led by

Johann Issartel, Co-founder, CEO (Ph.D in Behavioural Neuroscience)
Jamie McGann, Co-founder, CPO (Ph.D in Computer Science)

MoveAhead is leveraging 15 years of world leading research in children's movement science and movement analytics (100+ research publications) alongside state of the art computer vision and machine learning techniques, uniquely applied to children.

  • photo of Johann Issartel

    Johann Issartel

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • photo of Jamie McGann

    Jamie McGann

    Co-Founder & CPO

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